Fitting Guide

For information and descriptions on a large range of our swimwear styles please refer to our Kozii Swimwear Guide here.

Swimwear garments need to be a perfect fit in order for the wearer to gain the most out of their swimwear.

The “perfect fit” is a very individual thing as everyone has different body shapes and sizes and different requirements as to how they like to wear their swimwear.

Some like to wear their swimwear ‘really tight’ while others like to go for more comfort.

In order to help our new customers with their sizing we have provided the following information as well as listing the size that our models are wearing in our product photos. We say to NEW customers: once you have your Kozii size you don’t need to worry about sizing as all our styles are based on the same block pattern.

In our girls and women’s swimwear please read the product description for the styles as not all styles will suit all body shapes and sizes.

We tend to use all our styles on a regular basis so if you find a style you like then you can always look for garments in this same style to purchase when we release them out in the different printed fabrics.

A good guide for our sizing is your underwear size – especially for 2 pieces and men’s racers and knix. However, this can vary considerably for one pieces as if you are long in the body i.e. from neck to crutch then you will obviously need a larger size to accommodate for the length of your body.

The size chart we have provided below is only a guide and the measurements relate to body size and are not the actual measurements of the individual garments. Our swimwear is designed to be more snug than regular “fashion” swimwear so our sizing may actually feel a bit smaller than you are used to, so it is recommended that if your measurements fall between sizes then go up.

Please contact us on 07 5523 3714 if you require further information on sizing and we will be happy to assist you in finding the correct fit for your needs!

Kozii Size Chart